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RegTech investing and Blockchain Technology is a match made in heaven. The sky-high cost of compliance along with several other aspects has created the perfect storm for regulatory technology. Using a revolutionary funding mechanism based on smart contracts, RTO makes investing in these firms more effective, transparent and cost-efficient, drawing from the knowledge of some of the most influential people in RegTech.

RegTech Investing

Why invest in RegTech?

The Cost of Compliance – following the financial crisis of 2007/2008 fines for banks have skyrocketed to almost $400 billion, which otherwise could have supported up to $5 trillion of lending to households and businesses.

Financial Institutions have responded by throwing large amounts of money and resources at the problem. Not only is this not longer sustainable as it presents to much of a strain on the cost of doing business nor is it practical; it is not effective either as the requirements of new regulations have risen to a level that is without the right technological support no longer feasible simply by using compliance officers and out-dated software.

Blockchain Technology

Why Blockchain Technology?

The RTO model aims to create an investment vehicle that primarily invests in companies that develop technology solutions that help organisations to comply with their regulatory obligations based on Blockchain. RTO uses a token that increases in value with its underlying portfolio.

While Blockchain Technology has been used for funds to collect capital through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the application for the processes of fund management has been very limited. But actually the real power of Blockchain lies in this second phase of its implementation:

  • It drives down costs drastically both for investors as well as the fund management itself.
  • It introduces liquidity thanks to the token model in an often illiquid market.
  • It provides a level of inclusion of unseen scale that brings significant benefits for both the investor and the portfolio companies.
  • It reduces the cost of fund compliance and increases transparency and security.

RTO builds a software infrastructure made of smart contracts that run and govern the fund. In short, the RTO model will result in democratisation of investing and decision-making, leaner and more transparent processes, as well as cost savings and better compliance.



The future of RegTech Investing

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