Let us help you make better RegTech decisions!

Regulatory Technology has transformed how we manage compliance and deal with regulations. The sky-high cost of compliance and advancements in of innovative technology have created the perfect storm for RegTech. Yet, no matter whether you are a solutions provider in a crowded space or a financial institution looking for the right tool, things are far from being simple. Whatever it is you need, let us help you make better RegTech decisions!

Why RegTechOpportunities

RegTechOpportunities is led by Jochen Heussner and his team. Jochen has been voted among the Top 3 RegTech Experts worldwide. He is among the Top 100 FinTech influencers, financial industry veteran, multilingual lawyer and successful start-up entrepreneur and investor. As founder of PlanetCompliance, he has worked closely with more than 50 RegTech firms helping them with launch, scaling, and successful exit. With more than 15 years of experience in law and regulation, he knows the full cycle from initiative to finalised law to the impact it has on financial institutions. Thanks to his and the team’s extensive experience and access to a network of associated advisors and consultants, we find the right solution for you

Whether you are a RegTech company with a great idea and groundbreaking technology, but look for a way to access markets or to scale.

Whether you are a financial institution that is looking for the right solution that will not only provide a short fix but enable to the full potential of RegTech.

Whether you are an investor looking for in-depth knowledge and insights into the RegTech sector.

We are here to help!

What they say about us

On working with RegTech companies

“I’ve been working with Jochen closely over the last couple of years as part of my work for different RegTech firms. At every new job it was a no brainer to reach out and work with him.” – RegTech consultant


On regulatory expertise and practical knowledge

“Jochen is not only extremely knowledgeable about laws. He also has a great understanding how they impact banks and what needs to be done.“ – Head of Compliance @ Investment Bank


On working at and with financial institutions

“I think few people know the RegTech sector as well as Jochen and his team. He’s the first port of call for all questions regarding RegTech solutions.“ – Partner @ International Law Firm


On working with VC and Private Equity funds on identifying targets

“Thanks to his excellent network and understanding of the sector, he has provided us with invaluable lead generation.” – Managing Director @ Private Equity Fund


What is RegTech

Regulatory Technology (“RegTech”) can be described as the use of innovative technology to enhance regulatory processes and help institutions with their compliance obligations. Initially, used primarily focusing on financial regulation, its remit goes beyond industry borders and can be applied to any regulated sector like health care, insurance et al. Why RegTech? The Cost of …

The RegTech Glossary – A Beginner’s Guide to the Industry Terminology

Even if you’re an expert on RegTech it is easy to get lost among all the different technical terms and abbreviations. Here are some of the terms you should know. API: The Application Programming Interface is a set of requirements that dictate how two pieces of software talk to each other. Basically, it enables computer …